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Top 5 Responsibilities of a Property Manager

Do you know what a property manager does? Does your current property manager do everything they should do for you? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, keep reading to find out.

A property manager should be there for all the daily tasks of your rental property. Though the task can vary depending on the client and the property needs, here are some of the basic things your property manager should do for you.

1. Attracting Tenants

Tenant management is usually one of the items your property manager should be doing for you. This includes; Screening tenants, showing the property to prospective clients, and advertising the property when it becomes available.

2. Maintenance & Repairs

If you have ever lived in a rental property, you should understand the need for prompt response to maintenance and repairs within your facility. Your property should maintain the safety and upkeep of the property and the appliance on the inside of the rental. Whether this means hiring a handyman or some can complete the tasks themselves.

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3. Finances

You are here to make money. Your property manager will be responsible for the collection of rent, adjusting costs, and setting expectations with your renters. This can also include the daily expense for the upkeep of the property and the finances on the back end.

4. Security

Your property manager is also responsible for the safety of the tenants and the property. This could be hiring a security guard, having a security device on the property, or maintaining an existing security system. Your property manager should know that your tenants want to feel safe and secure when they move in.

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5. Overall Control

Your property manager may do more than you think. Yes, they take care of the day-to-day business, maintenance requests, and services; just think Ringmaster for a good comparison as your property manager is running the show. Their management skills are there for your every need and your properties.

Property Manager in Central Ohio

Understanding what your property manager can do for you will help you have a better relationship with them and get more out of your property. You should know what to expect when you hire a property manager for your property. Get the most of your rental property and your property manager! If you’re looking for an experienced property manager in central Ohio, reach out to us today!

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