Tenant(s) shall keep all animals on a leash or in an animal carrier at all times outside of the rented premises and in common areas.

Tenant(s) shall pick up all animal feces dispersed by their animal in common areas or areas visible to the public.

Tenant(s) shall clean up any feces, urine or fluids from their animal that has been smeared, spilled, dispersed in common areas including but not limited to hallways, laundry rooms, shared living spaces, shared decks, shared patios, and offices. Failure to do so will result in Tenant(s) to be billed for expenses incurred by the Landlord to have the following cleaned.

Tenant(s) utilizing shared cloth lines shall not leave clothing out for more than six (6) hours or the Landlord may have the right to remove or allow other Tenant(s) to remove clothing to allow for use.

Tenant(s) shall not leave clothing in shared washer/dryers for more than 15 minutes after the end of cycle. Clothing is defined as anything placed into the machines. Failure to do so may result in clothing being removed by other tenants or the Landlord. Clothing in the laundry room for 2 or more hours after end of cycle or removal from machines may be disposed of into a waste receptacle without recourse.

Tenant(s) shall not steal other Tenants laundry. Landlord is not responsible for the actions of other Tenant(s).

Tenants shall not put anything that may damage the washers/dryers or any of the following into the machine: Shoes, Boots, Bookbags, duffel bags, rocks, cleats, or belts.

Tenants shall not overload washers and dryers past the fill lines or weight limits.

Tenant’s Guests shall only park in designated guest parking areas or their assigned parking spaces.

Tenants shall only place rubbish, debris, or trash from the tenants apartment in the onsite dumpsters. Any trash from outside of the complex will be considered and treated as illegal dumping.

Tenants shall not place “bulky” items into, next to, or around dumpsters including but not limited to appliances, furniture, mattresses, and rugs.

Tenants shall not place hazardous materials into dumpsters, yards, flowerbeds, mulch, parking lots, or bodies of water on or near the property

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