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Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

We all know that cleaning is a pain and no one wants to clean before leaving an old apartment or rental, but it is a must. A good deep clean before moving out can mean the difference between getting your deposit back or not. Not to worry though, if you don’t know what to clean. Check out this list you can use to guide you through your move out cleaning process.


  •  Clean out your refrigerator; wipe down the shelves and drawers
  •  Remove belongings from your cabinets and drawers
  •  Clean the stove using an old sponge and/or scouring pad, then rinse and wipe down
  •  Clean the sink basin, faucet and handles
  •  Clean all the grease from the stove and stove top
  •  Make sure the dishwasher is empty
  •  Clean and disinfect all countertops


  • Clean the mirror
  •  Clean the toilet bowl, inside, outside and all around
  •  Clean the shower/bath
  •  Remove all hair from drains and surfaces
  •  Clean the sink and countertops from toothpaste and other items
  •  Vacuum or Mop the floor

Common Areas

  • Vacuum/Sweep Floors
  •  Clean all glass, windows, and mirrors
  •  Clean all door handles and knobs
  •  Wipe down light switches and baseboards and walls
  •  Dust the corners for spider webs and dust balls
  •  If you have a porch or balcony, sweep the leaves off and clean the area


  • Vacuum/Sweep your floors
  •  Clean out your closets and all draws and shelves
  •  Clean all windows and glass
  •  Dust Fans and light fixtures if applicable

A good rule of thumb; is if you were moving into the space now, what would you expect? Leave your space better than you found it. If you have something that is broken prior to moving out, you will need to place a Maintenance Request before you leave. 

Property Manager in Central Ohio

If you you have questions or issues when looking at what you need to do when moving out, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local property manager on what they expect. If you’re looking for an experienced property manager in central Ohio, reach out to Bryan Gibson! 

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