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Choosing the Perfect Property Manager

You have decided it’s time to get a property manager, but if you don’t do your research or know what you’re looking for you may end up hiring one that isn’t right for you. Your rental properties have specific needs, and you want to make sure that your property manager can fulfill those needs with their services.

Things You Need to Know About Your Property Manager:

  • What types of properties do they manage
  • Do they personally own rental properties
  • Take a look at their leases
  • How often do they do a walkthrough of the properties
  • Ask for references!
  • What does their eviction process look like
  • How often do they deal with evictions
  • How long is the application process
  • What monthly should you expect to get

The trick to these questions is to ensure you’re choosing the best property manager for your rental property is that you have to know what answers you want to hear before you ask these questions. What works best for you?

Property Manager in Central Ohio

If you’re in Central Ohio and in the market for a property manager, take the time to reach out to us. Ask these questions. We may just be the perfect fit for your rental property needs!

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