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Property Manager, Bryan


Real Estate Manager:
Bryan Gibson is focused, dedicated, and passionate about making a difference in his community. Bryan found his love for real estate when he was 23 after buying his first rental property. From there, he realized how powerful real estate can be, and has been helping other investors realize their dreams ever since. Bryan specializes in property management as well as buying and selling of investment properties. Connecting residents and landlords to find purposed and meaningful long term housing is the passion that Bryan lives out every day and strives to achieve for each one of his landlords. If you're a rental property owner in Central Ohio, reach out today to see how Bryan can make your life a little easier!



Operations and Marketing Manager:
Theresa Estel has worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies as a Project Manager and also has a large amount of experience writing application code as a developer. Theresa specializes in building processes and documentation allowing companies to flourish and grow effectively with purpose. Theresa is happy to bring her experiences to Focus Realty and Management where she can help other investors achieve their goals by taking care of the day to day and allowing them to focus on what matters most to them.

Property Manager, CJ

CJ Estel

Finance Manager:
CJ Estel jumped in with both feet when he started investing in Real Estate in 2018. His goal was to rapidly acquire value-add investments and diversify the risks associated with Real Estate across multiple units and properties. In his first 3 years of investing CJ acquired over 3M in assets comprised of over 100 doors. His portfolio is distributed across single family, small multi-family, small apartment buildings, commercial office space, land, and a small storage facility. CJ has a background in Analytics, Information Technology, and Accounting which helped fuel his growth. CJ has played an integral part in many successful startup organizations. CJ enjoys sharing ideas with other investors on creative ways they can approach problems.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

At Focus Realty and Management, we aren’t like everyone else, and that’s what makes us special! We are in growth mode and developing a culture of like-minded Real Estate professionals with one purpose, helping our investors, large and small, analyze, purchase, manage and sell their investments. Our team of agents, property managers, marketing specialists, finance and acquisition strategists are top-notch and dedicated to working hard for our tenants and investors.

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